Our classic eggs benedicts are always the star of the brunch table. The combination of an English muffin, a poached egg, ham, tomato, and hollandaise is truly magical on the taste buds. The origin of this dish is still a culinary mystery. One thing to note is this take on eggs and toast has nothing to do with Benedict Arnold. Credit is also given to Pope Benedict XIII, who enjoyed a mostly eggs and toast diet. Most stories link the special meal to New York City in the early 1900s. While we may never know the exact history, whoever came up with this culinary masterpiece, we thank you.

Besides being one of our top menu items, perfectly made Benedicts are guaranteed to make your morning. Here at Jazzy Ladies, we love to put our own twist on breakfast classics. Eggs Benedict has numerous variations. From sweet to savory, and spicy or hearty, there are endless options for this brunch favorite. You will also regularly find delicious vegetarian options! Be sure to check out which variations of this classic dish are on our current menu.

Some of Our Favorite Benedicts

Here at Jazzy Ladies, we are constantly changing our menu and trying out new recipes and dishes. Incorporating fresh and local ingredients is always meaningful to us. Because of that, our menu changes to integrate these seasonal foods of the pacific northwest to make the ultimate dishes. Be assured, all of our fantastic Benedicts are just as tasty as the next.

Classic Benedict

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While we love adding our own flair to an eggs Benedict, you can never go wrong with the classics. From homemade hollandaise to locally sourced tomatoes, this Benedict is sure to hit the spot.

Country Bacon Benedict

Everything is better with bacon, right? This Jazzy Ladies favorite comes with Smoked bacon, sliced tomatoes, eggs, and hollandaise over a buttermilk biscuit. Comes with a side of country style potatoes for extra goodness.


Sweet Potato Latkes Eggs Benedict

We bet you haven’t seen this one around before. A poached egg, tomatoes, fresh spinach, and local mushrooms over a sweet potato latke.


Steakhouse Benedict

If you like hearty breakfasts, you’ll want to try this one. This twist on traditional Benedict is served with a layer of crispy potato slices, tomatoes, steak medallions, topped with poached eggs, and our house-made hollandaise sauce. This benedict comes with a side of fresh, local, asparagus.


Crab Cake Benedict

When we get the chance to get our hands on delicious, fresh, local crab, we never pass it up! This is one of our favorite Benedicts, and for good reason. Made with fresh crab from the Fisherman’s Market, avocado spread, eggs, and hollandaise sauce served on a yummy chive biscuit! When this item is on the menu, you won’t want to miss it.

Smoked Salmon Florentine Benedict

This Benedict will fill your tastebuds with all the flavors. Sauteed greens, red peppers, Oregon smoked salmon, and tomatoes. Topped with (you guessed it) an egg and hollandaise.

Balinese Benedict

Are you ready for this one? Enjoy a Balinese style corn fritter with bacon or avocado, eggs, and hollandaise. Served with a side of tossed greens. We know, it’s amazing.

Shrimp Po Boy Benedict

It’s safe to say this is one of our favorites. Who are we kidding, they’re all our favorites!

Crispy Chipotle Pork Belly Benedict

Alright, all you spice fans, this one’s for you.

 Jalapeno Polenta Benedict

A fresh-made jalapeno polenta cake, topped with a savory mojo marinated pork, tomato, and poached egg.

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