Jazzy Ladies Cafe & Coffeehouse was a years-long dream for friends and co-owners Michelle Reid and Carmen Nasholm.

“We will sitting there one day with our kids all playing around our feet and we said you know, someday I would love to open a coffee shop that sells jazz CDs and books. And you can have a lunch counter,” co-owner Carmen Nasholm told me. “And we can call it Jazzy Ladies! Because we’re jazzy and we’re ladies and that would be great.”

No jazz CDs or books, but there’s definitely a lunch counter. And their love for jazz sneaks into their menu in very charming ways- lattes decorated with cinnamon or cocoa musical notes.

These jazzy ladies are all about using local ingredients to create a variety of dishes.

“And a lot of the recipes are from my family, my mom, my grandma’s recipes,” co-owner Michelle Reid said.

Everything from coffee and cinnamon rolls to a smoked beef salad with local greens, to a gluten-free chicken fried steak.

Jazzy Ladies offers multiple different gluten-free options after Michelle removed gluten from her diet. Since then, she’s been inspired to make Jazzy Ladies a safe kitchen for gluten-intolerant people.

There’s a lot to love at Jazzy Ladies- and I’m jazzed about it!

Jazzy Ladies Cafe & Coffeehouse

45 E 8th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

(458) 201-7062

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